Sneak Peek: Ragnaros, the Firelord

Jhazrun: On Creating Paragon's Ragnaros 2.0


Not long after Aviana fell prey to the webs of Aranea, the remaining Heroes of Hyjal ― the elder druids Malfurion Stormrage and Hamuul Runetotem alongside the Ancients Goldrinn and Tortolla, watched over by the divinities Cenarius and Ysera ― have assembled at the gates of Sulfuron Keep.

The very heart of the Firelord's influence on his own realm of power, the Keep is virtually impervious to a direct offensive from all but the most insignificant of presences. As such, it falls to the players to pierce the smothering veil.


The final confrontation against Ragnaros, the Firelord takes place as the seventh boss in the upcoming raid instance Firelands, currently slated to be released with patch 4.2.
The Heroic mode of the encounter is the first to culminate in an additional phase not present in the Normal version, featuring alternate closure to the standard ending.

One of the encounter's two primary mechanics is HEAT, which affects and is affected by a number abilities over the course of the battle.
In addition, as Ragnaros' defenses grow unstable, the players find themselves increasingly empowered by the unique skills of each of the Heroes of Hyjal.





At all times, Ragnaros' current level of Heat fluctuates between 0 and 100, and controls four abilities:

Inflicts Fire damage to enemies within 8 yds of a random target equal
to 30% of their current health, and generates 1 Heat per enemy hit.
Prefers ranged targets. This ability is only used under 50 Heat, and
cast more frequently when low.

- Players in melee are eligible targets if the required number of ranged ones isn't met.
- 1-5 second cooldown (0-49 Heat)

Every 2 sec, inflicts 9000 Fire damage to enemies within 10 yds.
This ability is only active under 50 Heat.

Every 2 seconds, generates 1 Heat and inflicts 18000 Fire damage to
all enemies. This ability is only active at or above 50 Heat.

- Effectively replaces Radiance.

100 Heat
3 sec cast
Inflicts 440000 to 460000 Fire damage to all enemies.
- Starts to cast as soon as Ragnaros reaches 100 Heat.
- Damage unaffected by Resistance.

Ragnaros also starts the encounter with the following three:

Summon Infernoth
1 sec cast
Ragnaros calls an Infernoth to his side.
- Cast approx. 5 seconds into combat.
- The Infernoth has 32M health, moderate attack damage, and a Heat pool of 0/50.
- Type: Beast

      The Infernoth generates 1 Heat per second, and transfers it to Ragnaros if
    within 10 yds. In addition, upon death transfers all current Heat.
      - The death transfer occurs regardless of distance.

      Obsidian Shell
      Reduces all damage taken by 90% minus 2% for each 1 Heat
    the Infernoth currently has.
      - The damage reduction is fully suppressed by 45 Heat.

      50 Heat
      The Infernoth creates a pool of lava beneath itself every second
    for 10 seconds. The pool inflicts 24500 to 25500 Fire damage per
    second, and heals Magmites for 75000 per second.
      - Cast as soon as the Infernoth reaches 50 Heat.
    - The Infernoth may still move and attack.
    - Overlapping ticks will expand the existing pool.
    - The pool lasts indefinitely.

Fuel For The Fire
2 sec cast
Ragnaros draws several Magmites towards him from the magma.
- Spawns 6 adds with 300K health each between three different distances along the edge of the platform.
- Magmites have no attack, but move directly towards Ragnaros, and are immune to stuns and roots.
- Type: Elemental
- 25 second cooldown

      Melee Range
      10% of max health per second
      The Magmite transfers 1 Heat per second to Ragnaros.
      - Started as soon as the Magmite reaches Ragnaros.
    - Cannot be interrupted.

Sulfuron Strike
3 sec cast
Inflicts 250% weapon damage to enemies within 9 yd radius of
the target, and sends a wave of increasingly violent eruptions
in all directions. The wave inflicts 37500 to 42500 Fire damage,
and additional Fire damage based on the distance from the
impact location.

- Functions as a melee attack, but may not be dodged or parried.
- Both areas of effect center at the end of the cast.
- Hits the initial target regardless of range or following target switches (e.g., Taunts).
- 40 sec cooldown

At any time, a player may right-click a Hero of Hyjal to signal them to make their move.
As Ragnaros falls to 90%, Goldrinn is the first to seize the opportunity to leap in.

Time of Need: Fang and Claw
Goldrinn leaps into combat, instantly shredding all Magmites and
up to 3 Ashlings. This ability may only be activated every 90 sec.

- Targets the Ashlings with the highest current health.

At 80%, Tortolla breaks through a crack in the Keep's warding.

Time of Need: Unbreakable
Tortolla steps forward, redirecting 90% of all incoming Magic damage
to himself for 5 seconds. This ability may only be activated every 25 sec.

- Tortolla has 12M health, and regenerates 10K per second.
- Tortolla will not fall below 1 HP, and total damage absorbed cannot exceed the available health: the remaining redirection is divided among all attacked players.
- The cooldown begins counting down as the channeling ends.


Spread out across the platform to reduce the effects of Combust, and to keep Magmite spawns manned.
Assign at least one snare to each spawn location, and prioritise the paths of different distances appropriately before moving on to the rest.
Ensure you're within running distance of the tank for an impending Sulfuron Strike.

Off-tank the Infernoth near the edge of the platform. Once its Heat is acceptably high (30+), take it to the casters and redirect their damage to it.
Bring it back to where it can safely Erupt. The pool will clip at least one Magmite path if the Infernoth is kept in place for the full duration. Spreading the lava across the length of the gaps prevents Magmites from regenerating, but limits raid positioning.
Several Erupt cycles are required to efficiently bring down the Infernoth. Additional damaging time may be bought by taking it near Ragnaros to keep its Heat from reaching 50.

Recommended lava pool placement.

Time activating Goldrinn's Fang and Claw so that you get to ignore at least one wave of Magmites at 50+ Heat.
Aim to have Ragnaros reach Meltdown point from finishing off the Infernoth to get a clean start from 0 Heat, though at no more than 80%, as Tortolla's Unbreakable is required to survive.

At 70%, Ragnaros enters Phase II. Expected time: 4 minutes.




For the duration of the phase, Ragnaros stops his melee attacks for repeatedly casting Combust.

Combust (1 sec cooldown)

Chain Reaction
Whenever Incandescence generates Heat, Ragnaros gains a stack of Chain Reaction for 30 sec.
For each stack, Ragnaros takes 10% increased damage, and Incandescence generates
1 additional Heat.

- E.g., after 5 ticks, Ragnaros' takes 50% increased damage, and generates 6 Heat on the 6th.
- The duration is refreshed by additional applications.

Seismic Severance
3 sec cast
Creates a straight line of impassable terrain through a random
target and the center of the platform. The fissure lasts 60 sec.

- Extends diametrically from one edge of the platform to the other.
- The angle is determined at the end of the cast.
- The target may exit to either side of the fissure after it has formed.
- 35 sec cooldown

At 70%, as violent energies awaken, Hamuul Runetotem finds his way through.

Time of Need: Earthlore
Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem assumes control of the forces of nature
for 6 sec, draining lava pools and temporarily overgrowing fissures. This
ability may only be activated every 45 sec.

- Permanently reduces the size of each separate lava pool every 3 seconds.
- A single large pool drains slower than many small ones.
- Suppresses the collision of all active fissures for the duration.
- Players overlapping a fissure as the effect ends may exit to either side.

At 60%, as volatile forces are spinning out of control, Malfurion Stormrage intervenes.

Time of Need: Eye of the Storm
Malfurion Stormrage tempers Ragnaros with a torrent of wind
and water, reducing his current Heat by 20% and forming an Ashling.

- Ashlings have 440K health and light attack damage.
- The Ashling spawns on the side of Ragnaros facing Malfurion.
- The ability has a hidden 1 second cooldown.
- Makes Ragnaros 20% cooler.

      Increases the damage of each other Ashling within 10 yds by 15%,
      and health by 10%.


Don't forget to continue using the Heroes of the previous phase.

Attempt to direct Seismic Severance into a north-south orientation to leave the most room for maneuverability.

Minimise early Heat gains to prevent Ragnaros from igniting Chain Reaction until you're able to counterbalance it with Eye of the Storm.
Carefully balancing Eye of the Storm with Ragnaros' Heat gains allows stacking Chain Reaction with relative restraint.

Ragnaros can no longer be tanked. Use your main tank to split Ashlings into manageable bundles.
Activate Earthlore when you feel the need to reposition.

At 30%, Ragnaros enters Phase III. Expected time: 7 mins.



As Phase III begins, Ragnaros steps onto the platform and becomes mobile.


Fuel For The Fire
Sulfuron Strike
Seismic Severance

Firelord's Grasp
Ragnaros grabs a random target and chars them over 5 seconds,
inflicting a total of 150000 physical and 150000 Fire damage. The damage
is dealt slowly at first, and builds up as the full duration is reached.
If the target dies, Ragnaros generates 25 Heat.

- Both damage types deal a separate sequence of 15K, 20K, 25K, 30K, 35K.
- Ragnaros continues to move and attack during the channel.
- Hand of Protection prevents the physical damage, but does not free the target.
- The ability has no cooldown, but Ragnaros won't use it for 25 seconds after completing a full channel.
- If the target dies, Ragnaros will immediately grab another.

30%, as ancient power courses through the Keep, the demigod Cenarius breaches the collapsing barrier.

Time of Need: Serenity
75,000 mana
Cenarius momentarily fetters Ragnaros' magic, interrupting
his spellcasting and preventing that ability from being cast
for 5 sec. This ability may only be activated every 10 sec.

- Cenarius has 1M mana, and regenerates 2.5K per second.
- After the 5 seconds, Ragnaros will attempt to recast the interrupted ability.
- Interrupting Firelord's Grasp does not trigger its 25 sec "cooldown".

At 20%, through the widening fissure between planes, arrives Ysera, the Aspect herself.

Time of Need: Enter the Dreamer
Ysera floods the battlefield with visions of the Emerald Dream,
instantly refreshing the health, mana, and cooldown of each other Hero
of Hyjal. This ability may only be activated once.

- Has no effect on players.


Adjust your positioning to to accommodate Sulfuron Strike and Magmites with an active fissure. Keep Earthlore at ready.

Losing a player to Firelord's Grasp can be disastrous. Single-target healer cooldowns are invaluable for living through it.

Serenity may be used manipulate the Ragnaros' timings. Disrupt undesirable sync combos, buy time for repositioning, or save a player from a hopeless Firelord's Grasp.

Make sure to exhaust your available Hero abilities before activating Enter the Dreamer.
Coordinate Hero activations based on your strengths and weaknesses with the Ragnaros' different abilities.


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