Guides for Dragon Soul Normal Modes

With patch 4.3 just around the corner it's time we all made sure we have enough flasks (or guild cauldrons), fish feasts, potions, and repair money for our Dragon Soul adventures. If you are planning on setting your feet inside the 10 or 25-man instances you have most likely already taken a look at what the encounters look like, and how your class will change in the new tier.

But do you know exactly what you will be doing when the servers go live and you stand at the instance door in Caverns of time? We here at Paragon put (some of) our heads together and wrote guides for specific classes/roles for the first 7 bosses (we might add the 8th as well when we see it on live servers). Get to know the basics of the encounters from your class' persective in advance. Come to your raid with the right spec and knowledge of how to perform as well as possible.

  We'll be publishing a total of 8 different guides daily from today until next Monday - the eve of Deathwing's (US) demise. The links will be updated to this post and to our front page. Guides: Rogue guide by Rakez and Fragi, Holy Paladin guide by Diamondtear, Mage guide by Iiris, Balance Druid guide by Lappe, Shadow priest guide by Kyy and xenophics, Hunter guide by Rinku, and a Warlock guide by Manni.

Ps. If you have tested the normal modes on ptr earlier you probably know most of what the guides have to offer. But there still might be some new things our players have though about worth checking out.


I can't wait for the hunter guide :D

Nice job on the two guides so far...

Are we gonna see anything from Jhazrun? :)

Most likely not, he did not have time to make a guide so close before Dragon Soul.

Understandable, np. Good luck in Tier 13 :)

Omaagee gief warrior guide :)

When you click on the Mage guild you'll be redirected to the Warlock guide. Just an FYI.

Fixed, now mages have the love they deserve.

No shaman or warrior? Guess I go with the learning curve then.

no Dk love :C

According to the tags, will a DK guide come?

Gief dk