Germany trip thoughts

I thought that at some point I might grow tired about saying this, but that point isn't just now so I'll just go ahead and say it one more time: I'm pretty excited to see what this weekend (and the next week) brings. As it says on the front page, I and arx will be heading on another trip again, and this time to Germany.

There are many things that make me think that the journey will be something great, of which one is that I haven't visited the country properly before. We once drow through it (from south to north to get to Denmark), but all I saw was autobahn and man that was scary :/ I'll be willing to confront it again this year though, as long as I don't need to drive, since we've been invited by Mogi to do a live raid at his apartment on next Wednesday (24th). While we are at it in Berlin, we also got the chance to attend Gamescom, Europe's largest video game trade-fair in Cologne. Gamescom will no doubt have a lot of interesting stuff to offer to its visitors, like 1M dollars DotA 2 tournament, but I have to admit that I have something completely different in mind.

What interests me the most is always the new people I'll be able to meet while traveling. So I decided to make some kind of not too serious "hit list" of people I'd like to greet and shake hands with. I hope the people on my list don't take this too personally and start avoiding me because they have become my target, but maybe look forward to to our meeting at the event and in Berlin. So here it goes:

LiQ aka HANS, our master Germany duder from China trip. I'll expect to meet him with an Apple product in hand looking busy and exhausted
Eoy of Manaflask, my fellow Shadow Priest I've had the opportunity to meet in various events
Nessaj, a Manaflask staff member I've been able to meet several times online
Employees of Blizzard, let's see who all I and arx will be able to meet and chat with
Mek, one of the leaders of Ensidia
Rivah, Ensidia's Shadow Priest
Niroth of many names, our community member and already a long time friend to many of Paragon's website staff
Mogi, who invited us to Germany in the first place, and the one who'll be hosting us in Berlin
Mogi's girlfriend, everyone says she makes awesome food ^^
The whole For the Horde guild, we've met some of their members in China and I visited their Ventrilo a few times and had a chance to talk with some of them.
People involved in Race to World First document, I hear there will be some kind of meeting
Possibly members of Method, I heard a couple of them might be visiting Gamescom
Soe, she who might be commentating our raid in Berlin.

Of course the list doesn't have each and everyone I'd like to meet, but I'd love it if I could cross over all these names and maybe get a picture of them live for myself and of course other people who follow this site. So this time I'll try to keep you posted on my adventures in Germany, and keep uploading photos and writing coverage. I'll also try to do short interviews with Manaflask, Ensidia, For the Horde, and Blizzard people just to hear their thoughts about the event and the state of the game. I'll of course keep my eyes open for other interesting people and stuff that might happen while we are travelling.

The event starts already tomorrow, but we'll fly to Germany on Friday. So start expecting updates then. Over excited xeno over and out.


I feel honored and look forward to finally meet you two. Have a safe trip!