Blackwing's Bane

A long day spent raiding yielded results - we finally managed to slay Nefarian!


"The furrier the merrier"


The encounter itself was fairly straightforward. We had a pretty clear plan of what we wanted to do, then just tried to execute it properly. After a damn long day of raiding and wiping we managed to rip Nefarian a new one.


After my rant last time about encounter design unintentionally favoring a specific raid setup, I'll just leave that subject untouched - can't be mad after getting a kill screenshot with a dozen of dancing bears! Alamo's presence was surely felt in the raid.


(Fun fact: Lining up for the screenshot and putting it up took almost few hours. That's roughly 20% of the time we spent raiding today.)


I always update my self wile raiding on, and finaly i got some great news ^^
GZ from Sweden!!


Congratulations guys!!

Gratz Paragon, Gratz again!:)

Great job, keep up the awesome progress.

gratz, great kill!

wow i really cant believe you are calling a kill with 11 druids in it progress god its pretty sad what the game and being best in it turned into.

Really gratz, you guys are awesome!

Just 1 question. WHY SO MANY DRUIDS?!:D I dont play over a year and lagging behind.

gratzzzz :) i knew you wont dissapoint us : )

M O V I E !

gratz. :D

That's unbelievable! Just some other level of raiding and effort! Congratulations!

grats on the kill
did magmaw take u more time to kill than this?

4 tanks 8 healers 11 droods? is that right? :D
have no ideia of this fight

Done well,guys!Gratz!^^
looking forward to the movie

After a damn long day of raiding and wiping we managed to rip Nefarian a new one.

we managed to rip Nefarian a new one.

rip Nefarian a new one.

rip Nefarian


You are so funny

11 druids 2 priests...

That is 11 roots and 2 shackles... that will disable the adds in p3 completely (?), as i know the boss dont have an enrage timer so even with blue/green geared ppl you can fight forever as along as the healers can manage.

Clearly carried by Aquaelie rite?!

Onnittelut !!

Congratz !!

Grats guys, you deserved it. And thank you for showing blizz how broken their designs are so when we get to killing it things will already be fixed.

Grats äijät, tälläsiä on kiva lukea kun tulee duuniin :)

I'm digging the cute bears! Next time make it gummy bears?

Congratulations. :)

Hienosti vedetty pojat. Mukava seurata tätä progressia vaikka ei itse enää pelaakaan.


Congratulations! :)

Frozenstein from Hungary

Hmm what the hell is this tactict!!! Did you got some debuff "fear of bears" by stacking so much bears in your raid? :D

Congratulations, again on your world first. Your coverage is here .
Good job.
GB crew

Hienoo työtä progressissa, jospa mekin oltaisiin samassa ennen juhannusta

sup - why didn't you kill him this week? maybe cause of a hotfix??? snap!

somehow this reminds me of ensidia and hodir hardmode... i wonder why hmmmmmmm

somehow this reminds me of and old proverb about fox and berries

Sad to see a guild like Paragon use the rip-exploit.

"exploit" :DDDDDDD

any idea of what the rip-exploit means?

I'd guess it has something to do with you thinking using rip with stolen power is in some way cheating :')

I guess we should have stacked warlocks, Doom-exploit would have sounded a lot more convincing.


edit: To the exploit convo.

And grats :)

what hotfix was done? i dont play wow anymore

I never meant to sound rude but i guess i did. After all how i write things on the internet might be misunderstood. But what i reacted to was that you were the only guild that got to kill Nefarian that way and it got hotfixed after that. Sure its Blizzards fault for not releasing "bugfree" bosses but it somehow feels wrong that one guild gets to use one tactic that seems easier and other guilds dont. Wouldnt it be more fair to let others use it too since you guys did it? And i dont wanna sound like a stalker, but you guys havent downed him this week. Dont know if its because you wanna put you energy on the remaining two bosses Al'akir and Sinestra (which would make sense). Anyway, good luck in the continious race and hopefully Blizz will release a little less buggy bosses in the future so we dont get these "misunderstandings" =)

I hope you realize that it's in no way in _our_ interest either that Blizzard all of a sudden changes their mind on how the fight design should be like. We didn't want it to be hotfixed, as we could just as well have killed it with a more regular raid composition the next week. It also takes some credibility away from the first kill, which again is not in our best interest.

Again, we haven't re-visited our Nefarian kill because there's no point to. We already have it in the bag and other guilds are working on Sinestra. That's the boss we want to focus on, just like everyone else. If we DID get a new Nefarian kill now .. it's like .. so what? I rather spend the energy elsewhere.

you should be honest like Hermanni and feel confident about confessing your druid tactic wouldnt work now and you would have to start over on Nef like all other guilds. Instead your being cheesy saying you got it in the bad and you could kill it next week. if you could then why you yet did not.

As we've said multiple times, we're trying to kill Sinestra.

Stop being such a prick; you've even responded to posts where it has been stated.

I think you asking same question again and again. Somehow I have thought that you tried to divert Paragon concentration to killing Sinestra by making them re-killing nefarian
I'm really sure Paragon can kill Nefarian again, but since blizzard already hotfixed it, they need time to find another strategy to do it because their old strategy wouldn't work, time which better use to find the strategy to kill Sinestra since they already spent time before to kill nefarian, why you waste time to do the thing you already do when you can do another important thing with that time?
I believe the reason they choose other bosses for farming because it easier and they already have the strategy to do it, it's the essence of farming by killing easier boss than the hard one.
it's a race dude, which mean, time is everything.

for all you people screaming exploit... heres the thing. Look at the date of the Nefarian achievements, so far paragon is the only guild with it, all the other guilds had the same opportunity, but couldn't do it. Stop trolling Paragon for using an exploit when all the other guilds could have picked up on it, but couldn't make it work. Its not like blizzard told Paragon exactly how to beat the fight, then changed it after they got the achievement. Paragon=world first Nefarian because they are the best guild and deserve it. suck it up all you haters