Dragon Soul Challenge

Next weekend, on Saturday 12th of May Paragon will be running Dragon Soul in a bit different way. We have been invited to a speed run competition along with Exorsus, STARS and Blood Legion to help raise funds for charity. The run will be Dragon Soul 25-man with 0% buff, the first guild to kill Madness of Deathwing will be declared the winner and will receive 2000 dollars. The event starts at 4pm GMT.

All donations go to http://opsharecraft.com/

The whole guild has been working together to prepare for the run. Seita was nice enough to comment briefly about our preparations and expectations towards the run:

"Since the 5% nerf was first introduced to this content we haven't been doing any 0% runs before this weeks reset. On monday we spent around 7 hours getting used to the 0% feeling again as well as grinding out the mistakes and polishing our tactics for the upcoming challenge. I'm 100% confident that we will win this challenge if we can avoid any bigger failures. My only concern is that if one of our competitors have a "ace in the hole" which would win them the whole challenge.



The main stream for the event will be on Athene LIVE.

Our streamers for the raid will be:

Devai (Hunter) - Devai's stream

Verdisha (Arms/Fury Warrior) - Verdisha's stream 


Be sure to tune in next Saturday and see what we have planned for the run.


Looking forward to this and I want to wish everyone of Paragon much luck and may the best guild (I think its yours ;p ) win.

xenophix, pls answer my pm

What tim ewill it be finnish time?

I'm really looking forward to this. :) The vodka/Method race was very exciting. I can scarcely imagine how we're going to handle 4 teams at once.. never mind the logistical mind****!

Anyways, I wrote a blog post about it... http://www.raidingresearch.co.uk/?p=1392 .

Carlos - it will be 7 pm (or 19:00) Finnish time.

siniwelho - Thanks, that's 18.00 where I live.

I look forward to the race!

First thing I did when I read about it was check Sejta's armory, I see he has gone back to (mostly) stamina stacking after gemming agility a few months ago. I assume that's in preparation for the race? :)

Though I was a bit dumbstruck by the two stamina + mastery gems, since they didn't activate a single socket bonus, but maybe they're leftovers from the agility gems.

Good luck, I hope you guys win!

The meta gem requires 2 yellow gems to activate, that's why he has 2 green gems.