New Paragon video intro - Arthur Walter interview

As most of you have probably noticed, we have started publishing videos from our progress in Dragon Soul. The phase has so far been quite relaxed, and you can expect a new video every few days. You can find the uploaded t13 videos from the videos section on this site.

After Maeil left the guild for real life in t12 we have a new guy working on the projects. Thanks Deva for your hard work and making it possible for others to see our playing as well.

We have also been working on a new Paragon logo video intro. We asked Arthur Walter, a talented graphic designer and video editor, to create us one. After working on the theme and the actual video he finally managed to get it done just before Dragon Soul. Now that we are releasing the videos we are honored to have his work visible in our boss kills. Arthur, we'd like to thank you for making us such a marvellous intro.

Like all our associates, we asked Arthur to tell us more about himself and the whole process he went through working with us. The interview was done in November 2011, just before Dragon Soul went live:


Hi Arthur, could you introduce yourself and what you do to us?

Hi everyone. As you know, my name's Arthur. I'm 20 years old and I'm a filmmaker and a webdesigner (like gaming journalist, web community developer, etc...). I made the intro video with logos for Dream Paragon, and I hope I would  make other videos for the guild :)


How did you end up making the new intro for Paragon's videos?

This intro took 5 months. First we spent a lot of time, thinking and discussing it with Paragon to find the best idea. Then I did a lot of test intros to know for sure that I'm on the right way. Creating a intro video with logos doesn't take just 2 days :). It has been a long way to end up with exactly this intro.


Tell us a bit about the intro and the theme it has, and where you got the idea?

Do You know 'Thor' the movie, or the legend ? He's the warrior of the thunder. I like the movie, and the actual addon of wow refers to a maelstrom. I got the idea to create a storm, like the maelstrom, with lightnings. When DREAM Paragon goes in a raid, all bosses receive a storm in there face lol. And what is more beautiful too see than stars, twirls, space effects ? Have you ever watched stars in the sky during the night? I wanted to do the same. Paragon, a united group of bright stars, among many others.


Paragon's new intro video created by Arthur Walter


Looking at your website I see that you have done a lot of work with graphic design etc, could you tell us a little more about your favourite projects?

I began to create designs and websites when I was 13 years old. I like to share with the community, and one of my favorite projects is certainly 'Battlefeeds Newschoolers'. A website for Battlefield 3 for aircrafts pilots. In the future I would like to be 'Director', like Christopher Nolan (Inception), and I'm quite proud of my first shortmovie 'Tout ça pour une cigarette'. A story about a man that got hit because he doesn't want to give a cigarette to some guys. In the movie I try to show my vision of the relationships.


What does it take to design and make an intro video to a World of Warcraft guild? What kind of education /qualifications one needs?

First, you need to have the passion for videogames, I guess. Many videogames have fed my imagination! You must also have some abilities with 'motiondesign' softwares to be able to do different kinds of projects. Also, don't be afraid to spend a lot of time on your them. I've been studying in a Graphic School for two years, but to me, the best school is yourself trying out new things!


What are you looking forward the most in Dragon Soul?

I stopped playing wow so I'm not really informed about Dragon Soul. I watched some videos, and I think it would be great to see the videos of Dream Paragon against Hagara the Stormbinder, or Spine and Madness of Deathwing. Your videos are certainly the only way for me to continue the world of warcraft experience.


Anything you'd like to add? Any greetings?

Thanks a lot to Xenophics for her time and patience. Thanks to Arx too, for given his help to me sometimes. That's a pleasure to work with you!

At last: Go go on the 4.3 Patch ! Let us dream !


Arthur is searching for a job a the moment (cameraman, interviewer, event coverage etc.)

Want to use the talent of this skilled video maker and designer? Contatct him at: 





i cant see Dream on logo, no Dream sponsor anymore ?? or back to old Paragon without dream??

Keep it Hardcore (we follow you)

I think the dream logo is above paragon logo, the one in Chinese.

Yay Deva is doing the videos, nice! I really loved the new intro, great job! Look forward to seeing the rest of the videos!

Yep the Dream logo is above paragon logo. Thank Sapper, i hope everybody will like the new intro, and a lot of people want to see the spine & madness video :D