Hunter Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This is the hunter guide for Dragon Soul normal modes by Rinku. Even when hunters won't possibly be shining in the upcoming patch, here are some thoughts on how to squeeze as much as possible out of our class . This post doesn't take a position on which spec you should play. All the encounters mentioned are based on PTR experience and can vary from how they will be when released.

Overall about Hunters in Dragon Soul:

Cookie cutter specs - with glyph suggestions:

Beast Mastery - (source:EJ)
Marksmanship - (1235 haste AS dump)
Survival - (source:EJ)

Tier 13 set bonuses:

2-piece set bonus is really strong. Switch to 2pt13 immediately, even if it means downgrading from 391s to 384s.
4-piece set bonus looks good, how good it really is can't be said as the ICD and proc rate have not yet been reliably confirmed. Most definitely it will be worth picking.

Time will tell how we will do DPS wise. Our biggest problems at the moment are our minimum range limitations and lack of passive damage reduction or proper barkskin abilities, which makes us the most fragile class in the game.

Hints for all bosses in general:
Do you need to move fast? Use Disengage.
Taking a lot of damage? Try to keep up Glyph of Raptor Strike buff. Deterrence does not seem to function with most of the abilities.


Introduction: A fight with quite a lot of movement. Our advantage here is mobility offered by disengage. As a ranged class we can keep DPSing during Black Blood of the Earth. Single-target.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and tips: Most important thing to note about this fight is the hunter unfriendly hit box combined with the Stomp soaking mechanic that requires you to stand close to boss. Instead of Ragnaros or Majordomo kind of luxury where you are able to shoot standing next to boss, it's once again a matter of finding the correct orbit. Aim where you get knocked with crystals. If healing seems dodgy raptor strike before each Stomp.

During Black Blood of the Earth use disengage to quickly find cower and try to find the sweet spot where you can fire without taking damage. This phase is probably the safest time to pop your second rapid fires as you don't have to move right away.


Introduction: Movement. Standstill phases vary based on your orb combinations from heavy damage, AOEing adds to single target nuking. Hunters will do fine on this fight IF you survive Searing Blood.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and the tips: Disengage for faster movement to the spawning globules. Pop CDs during standstill phase unless you really need them to down a globule before it reaches boss. If it seems you can't survive Searing Blood try to use raptor strike, if the damage is still unbearable go stand in the middle of the boss and suffer the dps loss.


Introduction: Some movement to soak orbs and probably to pile up for phase 2-healing. Single-target.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work on anything.

The fight and the tips: Not much to say, press your buttons to max dps, use disengage for quicker movement. The later you time your cooldowns the more damage you deal due to the mechanic of the boss. It increases damage taken by him the further the fight goes on.


Introduction: Plenty of movement, damage soaking. Pet control. Single-target.

Glyphs: Kill Shot - it's easy to doupletap kill shots to binding crystals while running around the circle.

Aspect of Pack - you can put on aspect of pack to speed up your guildies, however it means you really can't dps yourself. And that they die if they fail with Icicle.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and the tips: During normal phase you will probably have to soak some damage.

Disengage can be a life saver if you are in danger of falling too much behind during frost phase - don't worry you can't drop off the platform. Masters Call can be used to grant you slow immunity, thus allowing you to run through frost traps. To maximize dps you can put your pet to hit a single crystal while you run around.

Aspect of the Wild can be used during Lightning phase to reduce the raid damage. It's recommended to leave your pet hitting Hagara during lightning phase as the power surges didn't seem to function properly with pets. Pop rapid fire after phases when Hagara is taking +100% damage.


Introduction: A target dummy. Hunters can soak here.

Deterrence: IT WORKS ! Yup, hunters can and will soak Hour of Twilight with deterrence.

The fight and the tips: Go to Keybindings and bind Special Action Button 1. Press the Action Button when needed. As hunter you will probably have to soak every third Hour of Twilight.

To maximize dps roll face on the keyboard as hard as you can and pray you get as few Fading Lights as possible. Don't pop CDs when Hour of Twilight is near. Prepot when the lightnings around the boss disappear.


Introduction: Plenty of movement, plenty of target swapping, plenty of damage soaking. Requires pet control.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and the tips: Assign your pet to attack the melee adds and move to your sector to soak and primarily focus the drakes whenever they are close enough. Immediately switch to Sappers whenever they spawn. You can slow them with concussive shot.

Do not use frost trap - it hides the bomb graphics.

Disengage is handy when avoiding the AoE abilities of phase 2.


Introduction: Quite little movement. Plenty of target swapping, but main focus on single target.

Deterrence: Works for avoiding damage from Burst. (Corrupted Blood explosion)

The fight and the tips: You can start attacking the Corruptions while still in air. Most of the fight will be spent DPSing Hideous Amalgamation and regularly swapping target to interrupt the Fiery Grip cast by Corruptions. Pop rapid fire when Burning Tendon appears.


Good luck to Dragon Soul from us in Paragon.


In Ultraxion would it be possible to reflect Hour of Twilight with Mirrored Blades?

May altso be worth mentioning that you can flare the sapper in the gunship encounter

actually did not even try that :)

Yliajo however says he did try flare and it didnt function. I suppose we will see in a day or two.

Nembo approves this guide.

hmm got an hunter alt and i want to ask about the dump hast on 1235 is that importen to get that or is crit the most importen stats ther is and then my hast will come from gear slowly ?

Not sure if you are going to add a madness section, but deterrance works on Elementium Bolt :)

For Gunship, Sappers vanish or whatever you want to call it appears to come with a Cloak of Shadows like ability giving them immunity to FFF/Hunter's Mark/Flare etc.

I've found that letting them fade out first, and then placing my Flare in the middle-ish of the boat this lights them up nicely.