Nefarian dead in 10-man normal mode

Nefarian is now down after all the difficulties we had with the boss despawning on Wednesday and all. We had to clear a new 10-man to get to the boss again. Anyway, hardmodes are now unlocked in all three instances for next week.



How come you guys didn't down him on 25man, and also will you be doing 10man heroics instead of 25?

When the instance soft resets (30 mins out of instance), the orb that is used to summon Nefarian disappears. This is what happened to us and (all of the other guilds). We could not even fight Nefarian in our main raid.

We cleared another instance in 10-man up to Nefa and used the new flexible raid lock system to kill Nefarian there. Changing the difficulty to 25-man would have caused a soft reset, and we weren't prepared to risk him despawning for a second time.

The 10-man kill opens heroic modes for both 10 and 25, and we will be continuing with 25-man progression next reset. We only did this in 10-man because we couldn't fight him in 25.

Do you fail at reading comprehension or what.

I heard you guys got beaten by Экзорсус to world first nerfarian.

so you had enough extra members to fill a completely new 10man?

Grats on the kill. It's sad this bug hasn't been fixed for almost a week now.
Did you test if you can in fact set difficulty to heroic in a 25-man raid now?

you guys gunna be posting videos soon of normal modes?

Time (GMT) Guild Realm world
Dec 12, 2010 23:13 Экзорсус EU-Свежеватель Душ 1
Dec 13, 2010 00:57 Paragon EU-Lightning's Blade 2


lol...shoulda waited to do him on 25 man 10 man is for noobs

lol shoulda waited and killed him on 25 man.. it's pretty easy to get 10 players together and pugs will be downing him in a month or two

It's guide amazing how the guild that have already proven to be the best guild, gets bad comments as soon as they do something "unusual". You have already killed him on the beta, and I would imagine that it's easier now on live. (the other encounters have been nerfed).

Anyways, grats on the kill, and good luck with the hardmode race. :)


Where did the 10 unsaved members come from? Your roster isnt that big and your alts arent leveled.

PWNED what? Normal modes, hi! First tier, hi!

We'll see hard modes soon.

They most likely took 10 of their people from the 25-man and converted to 10. You don't get saved to 25-man or 10-man specifically, just the bosses in general.

hey a kill is a kill first teir or not its still MORE progesss then mainly all but 1 other guild in the world so dont know why people troll this stuff big grats from the US servers guys kep it up cant wait to see ur 25 man hard mode kills keep up the good work

normal good is this, anyway hope Gratz heroic ways, and all those envious trolls, they were told it would be looking forward heroically, that may think that the normal mode are not taken very seriously or as much as the heroic.? am I wrong?

Why always qq'ing at a guild if they do something different, you could wait with the QQ untill you've heard the reason of their move. Besides Blizzard has stated that both the 25m and the 10m modes are engineered to be Equally as hard.

I would like to add though that in my opinion world firsts in normal modes dont count nomore, seeing its mainly a check whatever guild lvls fastest and gears fastest atm.

Haha you aren't world 1st.

srsly when i think about it, some ppl from blizz dev team has fallen of the stairs or were hit by the car, cause this 10=25 system is completely retarded

Either way;

GZ - now come xfer and boost me and my guild :)

hahaha - GL with the heroics ?!

Friends, ex-players, and proper use of the flexible raid lock system.

how many different 10man killed Chima in your guild?

Grattus..harmi vaan et ryssät vei voiton tällä kertaa.

Why do you think our alts aren't leveled?

Everyone chillax, this is normal mode...

Congrats on the kill(s).

Is there any way you guys could make a post about how many hours you spent raiding, and how many wipes you endured?

Also, your comparison of Cata's entry level raiding to Wrath's entry level raiding would be good as well.

I'm tired of everyone saying, oh my god, expansion been out for 6 days and everything is dead already.

Gz Guys,

And hey Nakkimon, it's Dippy from Exercitus/Wasted on Xavius, just thought I'd give you a special grats mate :) Hope all is well dude take care.


neither are you dumbass

Dude seriously whats the point?! 1st from what i saw they were trying 25 man where more things can go wrong, and 2nd were you 1st? or 2nd? or have you even dinged 85? stop being a troll.

On the other hand grats guys and good luck with the hardmodes next week.

vituttaa kun ryssät ehti ensi :( noh lähellä olitte kuitenki :) ja seur jälleen Suomeen!

have u done it yet i do not think so.. so what right do u have to say that 10 mans are for noobs

doubt it

also, grats!

I heard you haven't killed any bosses, and probably finished WotLK with 6/12.

U so Jelly.

Grats Paragon <3

you just got pwned troll, go cry in a corner now lmao

Congratulations! Sorry if this has been asked before, but what UI is that?

to all the trolls having a cry who cares about normal kills anyway and 2nd they killed on 10s cause of the bug,the fact premo got it 3 hrs before reset at 25s imo proves that blizzard favours them or they know someone there and knew about the hot fix before hand.
Let the race to hardmodes begin,Good luck guys and i hope u rape face

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Man ur seriously a asshole? go troll somewhere else.
grats! to Paragon on great progress, "only" hc boss down and 12 left :)

hyvä suomi!!!