Sinestra slain!

We have just managed to kill Sinestra 25-man in heroic mode. We reached the boss as the second guild in the world. This was a bit disappointing, but we just had to suck it up, lick our wounds and push forward. Overall we spent five full days theorycrafting, practicing and relearning the fight.


The encounter itself was quite unfinished, especially on the first few days. There were some absolutely massive bugs that were obvious from the first pull; Shadow Orbs sweeping the whole room and killing everyone in the raid. The Dark Simulacrum (and other reflects) & Wrack was probably the biggest one. You could literally hit the boss for 1 billion damage with a single GCD - it was pretty damn scary watching Sinestra almost die to it by accident. Blizzard however fixed this within an hour or two after receiving the report.


Luckily this was hotfixed right away by Blizzard


There were still a bunch of hotfixes even between attempts; a tactic that could be used to handle a part of the fight wouldn’t just simply work at all on the next and just left us scratching our head. At these points, we often took theorycrafting breaks even up to an hour before figuring out what exactly we’re supposed to do next. Some people got pretty upset after the first sub-10% attempt, finding out that the tactic we used was unintended and hotfixed right afterwards.


This screenshot is from our first days on the boss, the adds haven't been able to be cc'd anymore for a couple of days.


Overall just a very weird raiding experience. Some good stuff, some bad stuff, some unfinished/buggy stuff, but definitely very stressful. Personally I’m not sure what to think of it quite yet.


All in all, this tier of raiding in my opinion has been the hardest tier of raiding overall. There haven’t been many pushover bosses on Heroic difficulty, there hasn’t been any gating, there haven’t been any attunements and such - it has just been one big absolutely brutal grind.

Probably the biggest difference between this tier and the previous ones have been the various bugs and exploits, sadly enough. There are also a lot of completely baseless rumours going around of us exploiting various bosses. Even some top guilds have made some pretty sad and misinformed comments based on nothing but hearsay and quotes from forum trolls, who have absolutely no first-hand knowledge at all.

We didn’t use any exploits/bugs whatsoever on Cho’gall. We didn’t use them on Nefarian. We didn’t use them on Sinestra. I’m not sure what all bosses there are even rumours about anymore, it’s hard to keep track of with the amount of trolls absolutely exploding everywhere.


It will all be completely obvious once we have time to get the videos done.


Ps. comments have been disabled for a while, they'll be back once the spam stops.


Congrats guys!

Grats! A well deserved kill!

I've been waiting for this, Gratz!

disapointed how fast it died... hope it was really difficult and bug free....
gratz anyway

:( Saw the mmochamp post,
give my love to the shamans, <3

Haters gonna hate (MMO Champ)

I for one have faith in World Class Guilds.

Proud for you Paragon! I do hope the fight was intense, hard and primarily FUN!

I hope you do release a video of this encounter!

Once Again, congrats and Good Luck with Al'Akir!

Really impressive kill Gratz!

Shaman is such a useless class atm. It's hard to understand how blizzard is so damn blind or just ignorant so that they don't do anything to this. Hopefully they fix it so other shamans get chance to play the game..

Personally I'm off to play arena, at least the class is "op" for something. Just a shame that I don't like pvp that much, but cant do proper pve atm

Congratz to Paragon really. You got your kill. Though i expected a more resistive fight really.

Gratz Paragon!!! I just want to know if there's any AoE in the encounter, or damage increasing mechanics, because to me; 30k DPS seems like a lot, but, you might just be THAT good :P
Also; 5 healed? Not much damage or just a tight enrage timer?

Gratz to exploit-kill...

wait for the ss with 15 ;)

srsly though, didn't expect this boss to go down so easily either, grats i spose...

To all of the haters, go hide in a corner.

To paragon, congrats.

I do have one little, non-intrusive question for you guys about the fight:

What is the name of the chest that drops from Lady Sinestra?

gratz PARAGON again and again!!


Smirk, the :(


Grats Paragon, really nice done

To the idiots, whats the name and the reason of the exploits? ...ahh theres is none...well good luck...if this is the only way that makes you feel good, then continue with your pretty boring life :)

Once again, grats paragon. Now Al Akir left :D

Lady Sinestra Down by Paragon - coverage is up:

P.S. We shall see whether you can seal their race with one more world first.

Hey guys,

Amazing--as usual! I imagine some of you will be able to do things like get hair cuts and get a full night's sleep soon... you must be exhausted.

As far as the rumours go, you know what you did--that's the important thing. Anyone can comment on any site, sadly.... and the relative anonymity of our online environment allows for people to say whatever they like and without having to back up their claims.

I'd say we should all take information from secondary sources as just that--secondary. Without primary source information, nothing should be relied on.

i just wanna ask 1 question, is Al Akir harder then cho gall nefarian and sinestra?

Grats, onnittelut pojat ja tytöt. Now in your opinion was Sinestra harder or easier than Algalon as a hard mode only boss? I know Algalon had different way of getting to him, but tactically which one was harder.

Al'Akir is roughly equal to facing Cho'gall, Nefarian, Sinestra, Maloriak and a few Ozruks at the same time.

No-one has really figured him out in 25-mans. It just seems fairly unkillable in that mode. It could be though that everyone who's tried is just lacking tactics.

Was there any lore revealed during the fight? Like plans for the future or cutscenes in the fight, something like that? Eventide-esque

"The lightning damage got hotfixed a while back, we had not tried him on heroic for a while back then.

I'll revise what I said earlier. It's a surprisingly OK boss and definitely NOT unkillable. Even after me whining about it boss like a little bitch in here and on one other forum, I have to admit I've been wrong and should slap my former self. I'm not the only one who should get slapped for whining about bullshit reasons, though.

I'll own up to being stupid and uneducated about the boss earlier."

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