Help with arcane Burst

Help with arcane Burst

Post 03 Feb 2013 00:42

Avatar Níetzsche
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Hi , my main is a holydin, main healer for a 9/16HC guild on kul tiras, doing a regular alt run everyfriday on my mage, rolling arcane atm as its top dps, and my sustain dps is fine tbh , over long fights i averige above 100K depending on movement.Basically i feel my sustained dps is ok , maybe more practice will help obviously but thats comes with time i think my burst is lacking i comapare to arcane mages in my guild and well... i dont get the results they do even doing as they tell me. Atm i am debating wether to arcane power / heartblood on 4 stacks or 5 which differrnt peopel said and wether to use mana gem before or after alter time ( ie before double missles alter time in burst with arcane power and heartblood up ) . i know what i am dong i am jsut unsure on to specifics what top arcane mages do or what i might but "screwing up". anythign that might help woudl be oppreciated .

armory - ómeda/advanced

Logs of last alt run - ... dashboard/

i dont think my dps is teribble especially for an alt, but as our alt run is gettign 2 down in msv on hc and we only raid 4 hours a week i wanna push my dps as high as i can , any tips woudl be oppreciated.

Re: Help with arcane Burst

Post 11 Feb 2013 11:35

Avatar Siniwelho
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I'm not a "top arcane mage" but I checked a few of your encounters and noticed that you didn't cast Arcane Barrages at all. Of course you don't normally want to use Arcane Barrage, but in the specific case of Alter Time you will want to squeeze as many casts as you can into the 6 seconds the effect lasts. Arcane Barrage is your strongest spell and because it is an instant spell it can be cast right before the effect ends.

Then a bit about your message:

When you are asking for help it can be beneficial to pay some attention to the appearance of your message. If English is not your native language you can use a spell checker to ensure that your message is easily understandable. And when you ask for advice to a certain problem you are more likely to get answers if you explain in your message what you are currently doing. Posting a link to the logs is good, but it shouldn’t be the only way to see what you are doing when bursting.
Lastly: if you post a link to your armory like that it doesn’t work in all browsers because the standard supports only US-ASCII characters. You should use this format: ... a/advanced