Just Not Right

Just Not Right

Post 03 Jan 2013 03:44

Avatar stronghealz
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Just a few of my personal thoughts. I think you guys are possibly one, if not the best guild of all time. I think it is just plain wrong when I see 25 man guild's claiming world first, or world second...blah blah blah. It is like they do not acknowledge the fact, you all where in fact world first this tier. Being a 10 man does not negate that simple fact. There is no separate category for world first...it simply is the fist guild in the world to down a boss. When you go on wowprogress for this tier, Paragon is at the top of the list (the end). If anyone thinks they are better prove it next tier and be on top! Good luck next tier Paragon, I know you will be on top again.

Re: Just Not Right

Post 03 Jan 2013 04:12

User avatarxenophics
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Not to comment on the 10 vs 25 man thing, but I hope you realize that wowprogress is also "just a tool" made people who made a decision on how to rank guilds.

At the moment it's the community who puts the prestige into world firsts, as there is no official competition held and (strictly) regulated by Blizzard.