Arcane Mage Reforge

Arcane Mage Reforge

Post 02 Aug 2012 08:51

Avatar Radamas
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Hi, i'm a mage itlv 402.
I have a few questions: While i am reforging do i have to take in consideration also the crit stat or i olny have to improve my mastery? Is there any Haste cap?

here is my armory ... mas/simple

Sorry for my bad english, thank you guys.

Re: Arcane Mage Reforge

Post 03 Aug 2012 01:39

Avatar WishIWasAWarlock
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Hello Radamas!

Arcane mages don't place much value in crit, Always try for mastery.

As for the haste cap. there is a soft cap.. the point where your Arcane Blast becomes shorter then your global cool down. This is very easy to achieve this tier, since there is a hefty haste buff on madness of deathwing, and there are a few very high haste trinkets out there. This combined with herosim makes it fairly easy to reach the soft cap.