Help with DPS as a fire mage

Help with DPS as a fire mage

Post 04 Mar 2012 06:10

Avatar silverwolves
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I'm currently troubled about my performance as a fire mage.
My raid guild just down Heroic Yor'sahj 10M and though we down the boss, there was some debate on my DPS meters on the boss. In fact, seem like I'm not doing well on normal bosses either. On the H.Yor'sahj, my DPS meter was at ~23k. Rotation wise I combustion whenever I get a good ignite, notice my combustion buff on boss is ~7k avg. Fireball as filler, scorch for crit mass, pryo when hot streak. During adds, I focus on boss and impact spread the dots to the adds. I did miss out one of the void mana explosion mana return. (side note, I did that on LFR tier 13 pants).

Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide the logs for Yor'sahj as my GM didn't records it down.
The only logs I'm able to provide is the fight for H.Morchok : ... 736&e=2051
Am I really doing below my suppose dps meter for heroic and norm due to player issue?
Appreciate the help and advises on this.
Thank you.

Re: Help with DPS as a fire mage

Post 06 Mar 2012 11:04

Avatar Reckert
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My guild have downed Yor'sahj a couple of times, and I must say it is a fight designed for mages. We counter manavoids with free scorches (and managems if you need it down fast). We have insane AoE for the black phase and we have high mobility. So there is really no excuse to be that low (23k). Last time we did Yorsahj I had a DPS of 34k ( ... 738&e=1192 ), which is decent. The dps is a bit dependant on what oozes you get, to many blue will hinder your DPS (scorch is after all worse than fireball)and black should increase it (just single target the boss and spread, keep blastwave on CD).

But to the point: High dmg as a fire mage is largely dependant on a solid combustion. I don't see your gear, but when you say you take combustions on an avg. 7k, it's really all I need to know. If you have the gear to do HC, you have the gear to get +10k combustions (according to tooltip this is). You want to use this combustion whenever you have a black ooze reaching the boss. You then spread the combustion and your DPS should rocket towards the top. This is not only good for your DPS, but the black phase can also be quite a hell if you have a yellow ooze as well, so you wan't the adds down asap.

I don't have armory logs or anything from the fight, but if you have 4T13, your combustion is almost ready for every black phase, some times it will be close if you get 2 in a row and got your combustion of a bit late.
Note: If you wan't to spread your combustion during add phase, you might want to settle for a weaker combustion like the 7ks you have, even a weak combustion that you spread to 10 targets is way more effecient than 1 good on the boss.

What you say about your rota seems correct, but again it's way easier to say something than actually doing it. You can check out Guromins guide for fire mages viewtopic.php?f=33&t=2883 - where he quickly mentions the rota. But fix the combustion and you have fixed your DPS is my best advice.


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Re: Help with DPS as a fire mage

Post 06 Mar 2012 16:09

Avatar WishIWasAWarlock
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Howdy silver.

Does your guild leave the mana void up and kill the old one on each cycle of adds or do they kill them as they come? Mana voids can really gimp a mana users DPS one this fight. Fire RNG and Yorsahj RNG can make you do REALLY well or really bad.

The biggest thing thats going to affect your DPS on this fight is combustion spreading to the black adds. There is a little trick to this, though. Ive found if you wait 3 after pulling and dont cast any spells, you'll be able to start casting and you'll have all your procs (Velocity, Power torrent, Tailoring enchant etc) up right as the first set of oozes spawn. If there is a black one, just save the combustion. If there isn't, you'll have a short window to get off a really nice combustion. If your group is anything like mine, then you probably wipe out black oozes so quickly you hardly have enough time to get a spread out. I honestly don't bother with getting a decent combustion at all on the spreads, if i do the combustion will be wasted due to how quickly they die.

Yorsahj has quite a bit of movement. abuse blink as much as possible and don't be afraid to clip/refresh your living bomb if you're going to be away from the boss for more then the duration of your current one. I'd also advise you speak with the other mage in your raid group. It's likely if you are doing something wrong, he notices it. there isn't much we can do for you with out logs.

Re: Help with DPS as a fire mage

Post 07 Mar 2012 10:26

Avatar silverwolves
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Hi all,

Thank you for the kind advise. I will try out this week on H.Yors again.
Its true that i don't use combusion during black ooze. Will also watch more on my ignite counters.
Thanks again