is jhazrun done with wow?

is jhazrun done with wow?

Post 23 Dec 2013 18:12

Avatar Pawpcorn
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or is the armory buggy? :/

Re: is jhazrun done with wow?

Post 08 Jan 2014 14:14

Avatar Natobob
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A thing you will never find out before next expansion is ongoing!

Sejta or the guild would never reveal such stuff as it is on no concern for "outsiders"

One reason could be, if it is infact true that it is a significant loss as Jhaz without a doubt is on hell of a skilled healer!

Therefore dont expect any answers, or just look at the post Sejta made regarding recruitment, where he clearly states their current "roster" which ofcourse will be downsized.

If Jhaz is there he will probably play and is just maybe taking a break

But: ... run/simple ... I have no problem getting in there, AND he has done something today even!