Livestream Ra-Den Kill?

Livestream Ra-Den Kill?

Post 02 Apr 2013 03:39

Avatar Byst
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I was wondering if Paragon would ever livestream an encounter in World of Warcraft.

I personally would love to watch them defeat Ra-Den LIVE with the added bonus of the 'nerdscreams' at the end for gaining world first Ra-Den.

I remember watching a video for Heroic: Ragnaros in Firelands, and so would like to see something similar again.

Good luck Paragon and look forward to something about Ra-Den soon.

Re: Livestream Ra-Den Kill?

Post 03 Apr 2013 15:15

Avatar Nelraun
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They wouldn't be able to do that as there are a few other guilds on Ra-den and they would be watching Paragon's tactics if there was a live-stream, furthermore I believe guilds are allowed limited tries on Ra-den per lockout (30 if my source was correct) meaning that if for some reason Paragon didn't kill it due to needing another week of gear due to poor previous drops or other factors that guilds also chasing the kill didn't have to deal with, they would be effectively telling their competition how to beat them.

It's would be like Usain Bolt giving Yohan Blake tips to beat him in the next Olympics.

As much as we all want them to give us a live-stream as 99.9% of the viewers won't be in a position to get a world first over them, it just won't happen, hopefully they kill it this week, and after the number two guild to kill it they will release a video, as what usually happens.