Why do these forums suck.

Why do these forums suck.

Post 26 Nov 2012 20:41

Avatar Agoles
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I remember when you guys used to care, and you were all very active in the community. Then you get banned in DS and your attitudes haven't been the same since then, and now that you are 10 man its a miracle if you guys answer anybody's questions. I believe you guys have gotten 1MIL + Views on a few different videos, and now we are lucky to see 1 boss video an instance. Do you think people don't care about 10 man videos or did you lose some kind of sponsorship? Overall it's just really disappointing too see such a strong community of players just all stop caring.

Re: Why do these forums suck.

Post 26 Nov 2012 21:53

User avatarfragi
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:( there was such a bold title on this post so had to reply.

I'm sorry if you feel that way, I don't think anyone has really "stopped caring".
Many of our members who were among the active ones on these forums aren't raiding anymore so
that's probably one of the reasons for the drop in the reply/post count.

Personally I prefer answering to questions etc. in IRC, never was much of a forum person (these posts stay for everyone to see so you actually need to think what to write, which can be a bit stressful at times.)

As for the kill videos, there are a couple of reasons for the lack of them. First, we haven't felt many of the bosses worthwhile, so we just released the end bosses of the instances (the Sha of Fear video will come out eventually.)
If Vizier & Amber-shaper weren't fixed/nerfed we would have probably released them as well. Also, we don't really have a dedicated video editor guy anymore, so there's that.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

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Post 26 Nov 2012 22:04

Avatar Liquidflow
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fragi, why you no stream ;c

Re: Why do these forums suck.

Post 26 Nov 2012 22:21

User avatarfragi
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Kinda thinking of stuff to stream, don't feel like there is much in WoW at least. Maybe some farm raids in the future weeks and other random games, who knows.

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Post 27 Nov 2012 00:25

Avatar Afua
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fragi wrote:the Sha of Fear video will come out eventually

Pleeease make it have a healer PoV! ;;

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Post 27 Nov 2012 02:20

User avatarxenophics
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Agoles, maintaining this kind of forum/website/videos portfolio/community takes a LOT of time. Like Fragi said, the people who used to put that time here (mostly for free) can not put that time into it anymore.

As someone said, nothing good in this world comes for free. Sometimes you can only do this kind of stuff with acceptable quality for free for some while. Could we actually pay people to write articles, videos, edit quality "how-to" video guides to all kinds of bosses, write guides etc - we'd love to do that. It would be great to see this website full of useful information, that was something I wanted paragon.fi to be :)

Sadly people really wouldn't want to pay for this kind of services, and Paragon members have other things to do as well. So if you can come up with someone who actually wants to work his ass of for free, I'm all for giving him the moderator permissions!