Alternative PoV on guild progressing rankings

Alternative PoV on guild progressing rankings

Post 23 Nov 2012 07:52

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Existing ranking system we all know as WowProgress, got some principal flaws, and I want to fix the situation, by offering you another view on progressing rankings. System I wrote, possibly known to some users because of pulls monitor I’ve added before it has been cloned on WP, gathering armory data and building guild rankings lists, but pretty different way than WP does.

So what the differences and system mechanic:

  1. All information from analyzed regions: US, EU, TW and KR adjusted in time, to make regions even with content release moment.
  2. Rankings for 10 and 25 men formats calculated separately, there is no united ladder, because there is no sense in it.
  3. Every tier has cap of score points available – 100,000. These score points divided between bosses, both normal and heroic. To calculate the score, system calculates minimal intervals from content release (real release, boss should be available for tries) to first kill of every boss worldwide. Than it sums these intervals and getting pool of progressing time for tier. Then, score pool divided proportional of progressing time of every boss. Example: fastest kill of Stone Guard normal took 1.5 hour. And total progressing time for all bosses is 50 hours. Than Stone Guard score will be calculated as: 100,000/50*1.5 = 3,000 and so on for all bosses
  4. First killer of the boss getting max score. All other guilds, killed boss after that time, getting lower score. System calculates time from FK to the end of content (next raid patch release), say Trest, and time between first kill and guild kill time, say Tdiff. Than guild score for the boss counted as BossScore * (Trest- Tdiff)/Trest. With such formula, at the end of content patch, you getting almost 0. And getting nothing after next content been released.
  5. Total tier-format score for the guild counted as sum of all bosses score in current format and tier.
  6. Such way of score counting allows to compare guild progress between tiers. Also, it’s possible to calculate character’s individual Progress Score for every tier.
  7. System is 100% accurate with detecting 10/25 ppl kils for characters.
  8. Guild’s achievement counted if there are 6+ men for 10-men achievement, and 13+ men for 25-men achievement. If enough people leaves guild, it may lose achievement on boss kill.
  9. Tier progress shown not by dungeons, but by total encounters number. In case of T14 there are 16 bosses in two modes, so tier progress is X/32.
  10. There are four ranking tables: worldwide, region (US, EU, KR, TW), sub-region (EU-RU, etc.) and realm.
  11. Data being updated automatically in few days, but request can be submitted manually from the guild’s page.
  12. In 5.1, Korean guilds will be excluded from world rankings because of separated 10/25 raid lockouts.
  13. Comfy progress details and pull data are also available, even for pulls before kill.

Here you may see the rankings for content:
Your feedbacks are welcome.

Re: Alternative PoV on guild progressing rankings

Post 23 Nov 2012 10:53

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You need to move to or something like that.