Paragon's key to success

Paragon's key to success

Post 16 Oct 2012 13:42

Avatar Skadi
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Hi there,

I'm following Paragon's way for about 2 1/2 years now, but again and again im surprised by you guys achieving First Kills and great successes in a nearly impossible amount of time.
So, but here is my question.
I spoke with a lot of famous and/or succesful players here in Europe ( for example from FtH, Pulse, Экзорсус and Hordlinge).
And with seeing the killvideos i can compare playstyles and skill.
The result of this is; that all players from the top 10 guilds reached the skillcap for PvE Raiding.
The individual of every guild in that sphere of raiding couldn't play any better.
So Paragon's secret got to lie somewhere else.

Maybe it's because you put more time in it?
Or is it the finnish mentality of an always good social structure in larger groups?
Do you guys drink better water than the rest of the world?
You've got a good mixture of deliberate will of the spirit and relaxation?
Is Sejta secretly a super brain with 200 IQ?
You are trolling the whole world and Paragon is in fact the Blizzard development team!
All in all.... what is Paragon's key to success?


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Post 16 Oct 2012 17:36

User avatarets
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Skadi wrote:Is Sejta secretly a super brain with 200 IQ?

You're on the right track here, but the puppet master is Baltha. His name is actually ancient Etruscan and stands for "the brain".

Re: Paragon's key to success

Post 17 Oct 2012 08:51

User avatarmeth
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I hope we are not talking about a handpuppet....

<ringuh> i try to avoid being sober when doing any kinda pugs

Re: Paragon's key to success

Post 17 Oct 2012 11:37

Avatar Daewyn
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You would be surprised how big differences there are in player skill even between top guild members. WoW has relatively low skillcap compared to many other competitive games but I still haven't seen a perfect wow player. It's not solely about doing your rotation correctly as a dps or keep the raid alive as a healer, it's about doing so consistently every day through long sessions while making zero mistakes, adapting to different situations with ease and being able to come up with the amazing strategy (+ find ways to improve it as well) if Baltha happens to oversleep after his hard day of puppet mastering and misses the start of the raid. And when you are able to do that on one character, try doing it with multiple others as well to be able to form best raid comp for every situation.

Of course some of the points you mentioned add up and together they make the difference, but I wouldn't go as far as stating that there are no differences in skill level between top end guilds and/or players.

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Post 17 Oct 2012 15:44

Avatar Skadi
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Well, thanks for the reviews :)
And you haven't seen a perfect WoW Player 'till now? Me neither.
And that's the point, in every guild there are moments when even the best player fail for a few seconds.
So, that is again equalizing those guilds in points of player skill.
At last seen for a not-so-long period of time.

What you're saying is, that differences come to occur in long periods of time.
Long days of raiding or encounters which just don't want to get down. (Ragnaros as an example)
There might be you first advantage over other guilds. (?)
Maybe Paragon's players are just more capable of long-term-concentration.

But if we take the current progress, in which the first 6 H Bosses lastet not much longer than 2 days, I can't really speak of a long and tough endurance challenge.
You just walked through it.
So, now it's maybe time to speak about those "amazing strategy's"
How does it come, that Paragon's strategies are like always the fastest?
I'm pretty sure other guilds got brilliant thinkers and dedicated players aswell.
Where does that phenomenon come from?


Re: Paragon's key to success

Post 18 Oct 2012 09:33

Avatar Salpicona
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In my opinion there is no single key to sucess. There is no, "it's because we have a good raid leader" or "it's because we have a good theorycrafter", etc...

I think it is quite probably the sum of all parts Paragon have, that makes them brilliant.

What made Ensidia or Nihilum the best guild in BC and early wotlk? Was it the raid leader? Was it Kungen Meq, Muqq? They were still in the guild when they lost Icecrown. Kungen was still in the guild when they lost Tier 11.
Was the "morale"?

This is like sports aswell in the "morale" aspect. If you are on a streak of wins, you get excited and psychologically, it estimulates you, so you work even more.

This is were the Finnish culture may had a +++ win here, when Paragon "lost" tier 13. But even so, after a "defeat" they were scared. They just dealt with the "defeat" better then other guilds.

There is alot more to discuss as to why Paragon is the top PVE guild, but let's not forget, there are guilds with the same potential as Paragon, they just need a "win" to get them selfs awead.