Site rules

Site rules

Post 05 Oct 2010 12:23

User avatarxenophics
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We believe in humanity and trust most of the following to be clear to our visitors. Still it doesn't hurt to go through the rules we'd like everyone who visit our website to respect.

General Rules:

1. Treat others with respect - There is no need for insulting or flaming on this site and it won't be tolerated.

2. Use English - The working language here is English so everyone has the opportunity to understand and contribute.

3. Check what you post - English is not everyone's first language but there is no need for excessive spelling mistakes out of lazyness

Feedback Posts:

1. Ask on the board - Try to avoid using PM's. The idea is to have the questions and answers public so others can contribute and benefit from them.

2. Before you post - check if your question has been answered before. It might take a while, but it saves having the same stuff asked over and over again. A good way to check out if something hasn't been discussed before is to use the search function.

3. State clearly what your question / problem is - Try to provide as much information as possible, that means Armory, Logs, Screenshots, Rotations... whatever helps others to answer to your question.

Re: Site rules

Post 28 Dec 2011 11:33

User avatararx
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Now that we have more time to do it, we're resuming our normal tolerance for moderation. Don't be surprised if you find some posts to be gone. You're free to have an opinion, just don't be an idiot while expressing it.

arx / xaar