Guromin is Retiring

Guromin is Retiring

Post 07 Aug 2012 20:26

User avatarGuromin
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Unfortunately, I will not be continuing with wow into the next expansion. The past 3 months have had a profound impact on my priorities and I can no commit to a 12 hour weekly raiding schedule along with my officer responsibilities and forum posting. My Senior year will require a significant majority of my time, as well my many extra-curricular activities.

I would like to thank Paragon for allowing me to facilitate answering Mage questions on their forums. You guys are my favorite world class guild for a reason.

I'm glad I was able help to so many people and I wish you all the best in Mists of Pandaria.


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Post 07 Aug 2012 20:50

Avatar Baltha
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Re: Guromin is Retiring

Post 08 Aug 2012 03:51

Avatar Afua
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Good luck in your studies! I also took a vacation from wow during my senior year at the university last year, although only for 5 months (most intense 5 months of studying I've ever had O_O)

And even though my mage is only an alt I still read most of the insight you've posted here! ^_^

Thank you

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Post 08 Aug 2012 07:21

Avatar Daewyn
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No wonder Baltha is sad; now he actually has to start writing on these forums or prepare himself for hundreds of in-game mage questions!

To be honest your posts helped me as well when I did my short duration reroll to a mage, so I'm thankful for that. Good luck with your studies :)

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Post 08 Aug 2012 09:24

User avatarxenophics
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Thanks Guromin, you did some quality work here and we truly appreciate it.

Best of luck with the future!

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Post 08 Aug 2012 14:14

Avatar zapzorz
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sad to see you stop!
you've been a great help and inspiration!
good luck with your senior year!

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Post 08 Aug 2012 21:18

Avatar WishIWasAWarlock
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Adios Guromin! Sorry i havent been helping you with answers as much as we were discussing, been busy with studies myself. Should be able to pick up the slack for you for awhile now though. Good luck with your studies!

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Post 09 Aug 2012 06:37

User avatarGuromin
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Thank you all for your kids words!

Afua, I suppose I was a bit misleading. I'm actually a High School Senior believe it or not. I'll be taking 6 AP tests this year while also working as an independently employed graphics and web designer.

Daewyn, it's very encouraging to hear that my posts had something to offer a player of your level, even if you were switching to a new class.

WishIWasAWarlock, things have been fairly quiet during this period of farming before the next expansion. I'm sure Baltha and Paragon will appreciate your help in the future!

Thank you all again,