Mage SPEC switching

Mage SPEC switching

Post 15 May 2012 14:41

Avatar worganizers
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So, my guild wanted me to switch to fire to help us down heroic Warmaster and to speed up Zon'ozz and I wondered how to switch specs in the middle of the raid then I saw the mage guide posted by Iiris and I saw this comment by Koviko and he said....
"I've noticed that for some bosses you mention that Fire is optimal, and for others you mention that Arcane is optimal. I'd like to be able to switch between the two at will, but they have different stat priorities making optimal gear, reforges, and enchants for Fire suboptimal for Arcane and vice versa. Do you switch between the specs based on the fight and, if so, how do you address the issue?

Do you have two sets of gear?
Do you go back to town in order to reforge?
Do you simply not change specs but just mention it here in case we are curious which spec is better?
Or do you just gear for one spec and use the oter spec with the same, suboptimal gear?
As a side note, it's very difficult to leave a comment here since the arrows keys (even while the textarea is active) change the page. :(

By the way, great guide! I'd love to see more specific strategies, too, if you're willing to share. :)"

I would really appreciate an answer.....Thanks.

Re: Mage SPEC switching

Post 16 May 2012 20:30

Avatar yumo
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What I do is, if we are progressing on a boss, I will switch to the optimal spec, and reforge as well, but if we kill the boss fairly easily and have it on farm, I stay in the suboptimal gear (I play fire for everything except spine)