Madness HC spellweaving

Madness HC spellweaving

Post 27 Apr 2012 13:47

Avatar schleck
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I know there are a few posts about this but nothing is concise. Also, there is not 1 post at all on any forums that states this clearly: What procs spellweave most for mages? I play fire and do tend to spam AE on bloods but the spell weave is so RNG that I sometimes am top on metters doing 80k+ and sometimes middle doing around 70k (spellweave in first case is close to 17% and second case 13%). I've tried a variety of spells to test them out myself but everytime there's a different outcome for each spell. Is it so RNG dependant or is it just me doing something wrong? Also, we've had 5% wipes due to not being able to kill congealing bloods fast enough (or rather slow them properly). When is the best time to use Blast Wave? Straight away when they spawn or wait a second or two for all of them to have spawn?

Re: Madness HC spellweaving

Post 02 May 2012 23:29

User avatarGuromin
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Disclaimer: I am super busy and wont answer questions in a timely manor until after my last final in mid-may. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Blastwave and Flamestrike do the most damage on bloods. Spellweave is not very RNG. It will spread to every target so the only RNG factor is if it crits or not and that is normal RNG. Being at the top of meters from blood damage is not effective so I would focus on your other damage especially if the fight is progression. When I am not abusing spellweave, my combustion does just as much damage as spellweave.

I blastwave the second the first one spawns to slow it and then Hunters/Boomkins/DK's keep them slowed the rest of the time.