Fire mage in some deep Sheit!

Fire mage in some deep Sheit!

Post 15 Mar 2012 16:07

Avatar Skotten
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hey all..

im about to puke all over my mage. im so dam tired off this random luck im having.. and ive tried all kinda stuff, going full haste or crit. but nothing seems to work. either im the real RNG guy,, or wow just hates me.

atm im going whit the 2005 haste cap and 1830 crit and hit cap ofc, and whit all togteher im at about 46% crit chance. ... rac/simple

last nigth we did ultraxsion hc. and it startet out really nice,, got a good ignite stack for 38k and flew to about 60k dps.. but then it went down hill.. as the combustion when off cooldown. i waitet for a pyro proc. think i waitet 30 sec or something,, then it came. fire ball - pyro. no crit on both,,, 10 sec more,, boom,, no crit on both.. and its like that for me every single time.. i can get a good ignite stack in a boss figth. but always when combustion is not ready.

so atm im thinking either i suck big balls at playing. or im missing some important thing in my rotation or in my mind.

heres the lock for the ultraxsion kill. ... 475&e=3752

so i beg for help.

Re: Fire mage in some deep Sheit!

Post 15 Mar 2012 19:57

User avatarGuromin
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RNG is certainly part of the problem for you, but I noticed some other things you can do to improve.

Glyph of Mirror Image is a dps loss for fire. There's some more info on Elitist Jerk's about why.

You only used Combustion twice during Ultraxion. I realize it's very difficult to get RNG to work in your favor with ignite stacking and it appears that your doing everything you can, so my suggestion would be to learn when it's worth settling for less. If your trinket proc is active I would consider taking a smaller ignite size because the additional ticks will help make up for the smaller ignite. Additionally, intellect procs can be used to your advantage to increase the dps of Living Bomb and Pyroblast!.

You waited an entire minute to use Combustion at the start of the fight. Typically it's better to use Combustion near the start of the fight while Bloodlust (if you had used it) and procs are active.

Just to be clear on terminology, the "haste cap" for fire refers to the point where haste causes Pyroblast to be less than a 1 second cast time. The word "cap" means that the value of haste is significantly reduced past that point. 2005 haste is referred to as a haste plateau because the value of haste does not change except while passing that point. Since you have the T13 2 set the additional 500 haste from that brings the haste plateau down to 1505 haste instead of 2005. You can change your wands reforging to Crit instead of to haste to correct for this. The rest of your reforging is correct.

In reviewing your Heroic Ultraxion logs you are suffering from moderately bad RNG. Your Crit chance is about 45% on the boss, but your crit % is under 40% on Fireball and the number of Hot Streak procs you've gotten is less what should be expected. Unfortunately Fire is high RNG and it hurts sometimes.

If you have any other questions let me know,


Re: Fire mage in some deep Sheit!

Post 15 Mar 2012 21:11

Avatar Skotten
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hmm pretty sure that the first combustion came pretty fast. but nvm that..

but yeah i guess ill have to settle for a lesser ignite stack. think ill set mybigignite to 15 k.

and the reason for only useing combusiton twice,, well.. lets just say i got mad..

think useing the staff from hc madness would be better. more sp. but a loss on haste and crit.

thx alot for your aid.. if i cant get this to work out,, its arcane for me,,,,

cheers, mr rng

Re: Fire mage in some deep Sheit!

Post 15 Mar 2012 23:00

Avatar Reckert
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Ultraxion is idd. a pain, and when we first progressed on him I decided to reroll arcane. We need a stable DPS to adjust our tactics, and fire just couldn't provide that. When it goes right, it really goes right. But when it doesn't, you're to no use. So I recommend Arcane if you're having DPS problems in your guild, otherwise stick with fire and outgear the fight. That's what we're doing atm.

Other then that, pretty much what Guromin said. You can force big ignites through. If you get a combustion off early when your trinkets are up, the combustion is gonna be ready when trinkets are up again, and you can do the same trick.


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