When (if) does fury outscale arms?

When (if) does fury outscale arms?

Post 09 Jan 2012 20:04

Avatar Chainsofwar
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As fas as I know fury outscales arms with better gear / weapons. I'm just curious at approximately what amount of strength / hit / crit its "smart" to go fury rather than arms. I just want to add some additional questions regarding stance dancing and Gurthalag weapons. Gurthalag does not provide you with stats. Are those weapons a damageboost anyway? And is stancedancing a dps boost when ur max rage will be 75 and "incite" with heroic strike wont be as effective as imo u cant afford it while stancedancing. I'm not a native speaker so pardon my english. Any response would be AWESOME! :D

Re: When (if) does fury outscale arms?

Post 23 Mar 2012 01:04

User avatarFenerio
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well fury has a good hige burst over short time.. for all fights I would say arms is more reliable and very competitive when it comes to a full boss fight ;)

and I can´t see why you won´t stancedance it´s a 5% damage inscrease - the only time you would swap to battle stance, is when you do 2x overpower every 8second or so, you need to time taste for blood ; )