Secondary stats after CtC

Secondary stats after CtC

Post 23 Dec 2011 09:10

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I have been following your guild for some time. I really dig that you guys got sponsors, grats. More power to you.

I am a little apprehensive about posting. So if I seem timid excuse me.

I haven't had to worry a lot about reaching CtC, till now. I was just at CtC by the end of firelands. Now I am obviously pushing CtC comfortably, and have started wondering what to do with my secondary stats after CtC.

The stats in mind are: Parry, Dodge, Mastery, and Expertise. I have started pushing my stamina higher of course. But I have heard several people telling me to push dodge and parry now, and not to worry about mastery. Due to diminishing returns wouldn't I miss out on stats by trying to push those higher, or does parry and dodge trump all? Or should I aim for a particular range for my dodge and parry? I also assume I will continue to keep mastery.

I was under the initial impression that I would be pushing my mastery as far as possible, to try and get my critical block up. I keep my parry 1.3% above dodge, many tables say 1.2, but I wanted it higher to assure "Hold the Line" was up. I was starting to gain some threat stats, primarily expertise. I wasn't stacking it, but I was gaining some through natural stats on the gear (not from geming, reforging, or enchanting.)

I have been reading tons of posts and theory crafting. I have not come to a conclusion indefinitely on what I should do. A guildy suggested looking here for some help.

Should I go above CtC, and let dodge and parry push block of the table, but keep mastery so critical block stays high?

My tanking hasn't been a problem. I have heard no complaints from healers. I want to keep it that way, so I started searching for answers. If I had found solid answers I wouldn't of bothered your guild. I know you guys are busy enough as is. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.