Graphic Design Requests

Graphic Design Requests

Post 19 Aug 2012 01:20

Avatar Kozmo
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Hai there guys! First of, i'd like to introduce my self to you. I'm a 18year old guy from the cold northern Denmark, who studies graphic design & communication at Aalborg Technical College, where i just started my last year.

I'm a casual wow gamer, who have downed madness heroic several times, but definately not as quickly as the top guilds in the world, like paragon. I spend my time online helping guildies and friends achieve what ever they desire, and i help streamers on a daily basis getting their streams pimped by designing stuff for their channel. I'm also a youtube who got quite an amusing audience over the past few years, not many (2000) but 2000 awesome people! I'm a retired EPS player in counterstrike source, founder of the former team "übergeekz" which later became roccat and reason gaming.

The point with this thread is, that we all know practise makes you a champion right? So i'd love to practise my photoshopping ability's, to not only help you guys but also myself grow as the time passes by.

If you have any requests you want to make, feel free to write to me on here or on youtube, or even this thread.

You can check out my work down here:

TLDR: I do free photoshopping for people who needs it, even video editting.

Re: Graphic Design Requests

Post 21 Aug 2012 15:29

Avatar Dometrix
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Heya :D

Do you think you could possibly assit me with my guild signature? Your work is absolutely amazing, and I'm thoroughly impressed with the signature you made for Kyy.

Armory: ... x/advanced


Contact Information:
[email protected]

or PM me on our Guildsite. I'm sure others in the guild would be impressed as well, and I will ask them to allow you to be able to post in the forums. Though, we are converting to a new website this week, so things might be a little iffy.

Hope to speak to you soon :D