Jubeto recommends a Free to play game: Tribes Ascend!

Jubeto recommends a Free to play game: Tribes Ascend!

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Shamelessly advertising a free to play game which I've been playing somewhat actively for the past 6 months.

Tribes ascend is very fast paced FPS game with deep strategical gameplay elements for a game of its genre.
What really makes tribes a unique game is the way most weapons work in the game, there is very few hitscan weapons in the game (weapons with instant bullet hits).
On top of you having to be good at aiming, you need to predict enemy movement aswell. This can be quite tricky since the enemy might move even as fast as 300 km/h.
While trying to kill your opponents you may have to keep your speed up aswell which creates even deeper multitasking.
I personally enjoy the steep learning curve and high skill ceiling compared to the generic FPS games.

Tribes series has always been about capture the flag gametype and is balanced around that (other classic gamemodes such as TDM are included aswell).
Your goal as a team is to take the enemy flag and bring it to your own base and keep your own flag is secure by any means necessary.
Coordination and teamplay is needed to achieve victory and most importantly completely dominating your opponents.
Bringing friends along greatly increases the enjoyment you get from this game.

Some generator room gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsZto1P6 ... re=related
Here is some coordinated team vs team gameplay FC POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XieKo1n ... re=related

Tribes classes and their most commonly used roles from light to heavy classes:

Pathfinder (Light): The most mobile class in the game, which makes them good for taking enemy flag and delivering it to your base.
It is also common to use pathfinders as chasers and flag defense since thrust pack combined with impact nitron causes you to gain 200 kmh speed within a couple of seconds.
Impact nitrons can also be used force flag drops on enemy flag carriers, if you manage to hit them with one. Which allows you to return your flag without having to kill the EFC.
Also a terrible man somewhere always kills a kitten when some pathfinder grabs the flag without getting Gotta Go Fast! (200 km/h+ I think)
Some easy cap routes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcBDW6gjzwQ

Sentinel (Light): Sniper class, a good sniper is effective counter to Pathfinders trying to steal your flag, can leave mines and drop a jammer pack which reveals nearby invisible infiltrators and
turns allies nearby allies coloring to gray aswell as cloaks them from enemy radars, making them harder to spot (note that your Jammer is still visible to enemy radar if within line of sight)
Sentinels are also used to harass enemy defenders and picking off flag chasers.

Infiltrator (Light): Light stealthy offensive class which may use energy to remain invisible, good at destroying enemy generators, distracting enemy flag defenders and destroying enemy mines and force fields before your pathfinder comes in.
May also engage enemy sentinels at a critical time. Forcing them off of your capper. A couple of funny tactics for public games: Infiltrator on stand with with superheavy perk, enemy pathfinders might collide to you when they are trying to steal your flag.
Killing them or halting their speed. Gravcycle cap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5wQhKz7KSw

Soldier (Medium): Good at shooting enemy cappers with assault rifle and explosives, causing critical damage or even killing them before they exit your stand. May also chase with high energy pool and good HP, enabling you to give speed boost by shooting yourself
with thumper multiple times. Sometimes you see soldiers capping the flag, they trade speed to additional health. Can be used in offense with decent results aswell, although there are better suited classes for it.

Raider (Medium): Like soldier, raider is very flexible class, it can defend (soldier is better for that), attack enemy defenses/generator and capture the flag. Raider is excellent in confined spaces like generator rooms and it is by far the best dueling class in the game.
Raiders are used for cluster caps: multiple medium classes punting/passing the flags to each other when the carrier goes low on HP or enemy pathfinder is about to throw a nitron.

Technician (Medium): Used for base defense and as vehicle operators, technicians are good to fix destroyed base assets and laying down turrets for some extra damage output.
Technicians are used for flag standoffs when both teams are in possession of enemy team's flags. Holding fc near multiple light turrets is an effective way to prevent pathfinders from nitroning the fc.

Doombringer (Heavy): Mostly used as HoF (heavy on flag). Heavy on flag tries to collide with enemy flag cappers, making them lose their momentum or die to superheavy perk.
May also lay force fields which damages enemies which pass through, They also soak projectiles. DBs may also lay mines for additional defense which are less visible compared to sentinel's claymores.
Doombringers may also use saber launcher which shoots homing missiles on locked targets, you may lock to vehicles or players who are flying in the air.
If you absolutely hate your life, you may find the highest spot in the middle of the map and spam missiles, although if you do I'd like to see you jump on something sharp instead.

Juggernaut (Heavy): Juggernauts have mortars which are excellent at destroying enemy defenses from long range, can disturb enemy flag defense and attack enemy generator with good success. Mortar is excellent in confined spaces aswell.
In pub games im occasionally doing 150 km/h back to front heavy caps which funnily enough almost always works.
You can also use juggernaut to defend the flag by spamming or doing prediction shots on the stand, not commonly used but works in pubs where cappers aren't that fast and stealthy.

Brute (Heavy): Considered by far the most underpowered class in the game, It really has nothing which it would do better than any other class in the game, well perhaps heavy cap, but thats not really an option any sensible person would
seriously want to do. This class is defined by fractal grenades, a lot of bad players just do kamikaze runs with brutes, throwing fractal grenades on the flag stand and scoring a couple of kills and repeating the process.
If played well, obviously brute too can dominate the game, but seriously why not play juggernaut instead.

Vehicles you may use:

Beowulf: A tank which is used by crew of 1 to 2. The first crewslot drives the tank from 3rd person view and uses VERY powerful cannon with huge blast radius and damage. The second slot is machinegunner which i find quite underpowered,
the projectiles are terribly slow compared to any smg/lmg/mg. I do not know if mechanic perk's damage reduction works on beowulf if the driver is soloing. But I assume it doesn't so the primary reason for the second crew member is to
kill slow hovering targets and give that damage reduction on top of doing repairs on the move. If you drive a beowulf with a friend, you should always coordinate when to repair, the machinegunner jumps out when the tank is stationary.
This will cause the repair guy landing on the beowulf's turret and you can move around while the other guy repairs. The repairer should use 3rd person view as this allows you to fix your positioning better so you don't fall off
and it increases your awareness while repairing. Beowulf can be quite fun when playing with a friend, I really wish there will be other multi-crew vehicles in the future.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... kfkE#t=23s

Shrike: A 1-man aerial vehicle, may shoot 4 slow explosive projectiles which deal decent damage and may do roadkills by flying to aerial targets and sometimes even while on the ground if you are a good pilot. Excellent at chasing flag carriers.
Countered by MIDFIELD TARDBRINGERS in public games (see Doombringer class above). If you halt your movement, you may jump off the shrike and you land on the roof and do repairs easily in the air.
You may also carry people on your roof when you fly around, this can be used to keep your fc out of enemies reach and such. You may also use a shrike to boost your speed to 350 kmh and launching you off of it, allowing you to do extremely fast flag caps.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAnvjSNp ... re=related

Gravcycle: A fast transport, driver may shoot some of the shittiest explosives in game, the passenger may use his weapons as if he was stationary, momentum doesn't have any effect on explosives or such, which likely is not intended.
See infiltrator cap video on the infiltrator section above.

Some general tips for players who are new to tribes, I'll be probably adding more:

Brute might not be the class you would want to play for now.
Don't take the flag if someone yells that he is going for it, he most likely is doing a high speed route.
Don't even try to cap unless you're going 200 km/h+, unless the enemies are terrible ofc or you're clustercapping with friends.
Generator is overrated, just focus on defending the flag, capturing the flag or harassing the enemy defense if you wish to win.
Don't play midfield saber launcher doombringer unless its absolutely necessary, you will never learn to play well that way.
If you wish to play a FC, internet is full of good videos, you may want to memorize them in practise mode before you go to public games.
Always shoot on flag stand when going for the flag even if it seems empty, there might be hidden doombringer mines or a INFILTRATOR with superheavy :DDD
Punting is good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCBXzV8aKmw

See you in game, DOWNLOAD TRIBES ASCEND! https://account.hirezstudios.com/tribes ... aign=email

Jubeto <Dream Paragon>

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Shameless! ^^

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In reference to the OMFGCata videos "Advertise like shameless whores" *technomusic*

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I'm DiamondTear, and I approve of this message.